Things to do every month
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10 Things to do at the Beginning of Every Month

I don’t know about you but I feel like January has gone by so quickly. I can’t believe that February is already just around the corner. Now that the whole excitement of the new year has come and gone, I feel like it’s time to share with you a few tips. More precisely, 10 things to do at the beginning of every month. These are habits that I’ve acquired in the past few months and I feel that they have definitely improved my everyday life. It follows the idea of the new year’s resolution but at a much smaller scale. This means that if all of the pressure of new…

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Christmas Tree and DIY Christmas Decorations - Shadow Box
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DIY Christmas Decorations – Shadow Box

Every year, I add new things to my Christmas decorations. Sometimes I buy it, but most of the time, it’s cheaper (and more fun) to DIY it. Ask anyone that hangs out with me, whenever I go shopping for things, I always point out how easy something would be to DIY. So, this year, instead of breaking the bank, why not do DIY Christmas Decorations? The one that I’m going to show you is a Christmas shadow box. I’ve been seeing these all over online and decided to do my own. It’s a super easy DIY that is definitely cheaper than buying one pre-made. What you’ll need : Deep frame (…

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